Kids, Kindness, and Holidays

I recently went on a mommy-cation and came home to a holiday Lego catalog strategically placed by my five-year-old son, front and center on my desk.  Within the catalog, he had used a Sharpie marker to identify the (many) Lego sets he wanted. The more circles he drew, the more he wanted the Lego set.  My husband later told me that our son proudly completed this exercise as though he had done us a favor by pre-selecting items for our imminent holiday shopping.  While I of course find my son’s efforts adorable, I also feel compelled to do HIM a favor this holiday season by providing a metaphorical catalog of opportunities for him to practice giving.  

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Briana Carrigg Comment
The Sea of Despair?

As Election Day looms, I’m contemplating the power of the vote. Amidst the current turbulence, many frustrated citizens feel they have just one way to elevate their voices – vote. There is a prevailing feeling that casting a ballot next week is our last remaining pathway to change.

A lot of that may be true. But while voting is always imperative, the work of our local nonprofit and philanthropy sectors can’t be overlooked as another critical pathway to change. Perhaps now more than ever before.

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Kelly DelektaComment
The Quick-Fix Quest

I really like running.  Even though I am far from speedy, I embrace the mental and physical charge that it gives me. Recently however, knee pain brought my days of running to a screeching halt.  In a state of panic, I reached out to a physical therapist who prescribed weekly visits to her office and 15 minutes of daily (and painful) stretching. I kept my disappointment to myself.  In our modern-day world of instant gratification, it was frustrating to me that she couldn’t offer a quicker fix.

My frustration with such a slow plan for healing is not unlike the frustrations I hear as a grant writer from nonprofits seeking support.

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What's a brightspot, anyway?

All nonprofits are strapped. While working for a few, I felt the deep pull of limited resources – both financial and human.  

I can remember sitting in a team meeting surrounded by piles of paper, event auction items, and despair. The mood was depressed as a long-time funder had rejected our proposal, the board was unresponsive to our calls for help, and ticket sales for next week’s event were dangerously low. The icing on the cake? The printer wasn’t working. 

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