What We Do

Photo by  Nuchy Lee  on  Reshot

Photo by Nuchy Lee on Reshot

We do this work because of you, and we can't do it without you. 

Brightspot is proud to support clients with the following areas of expertise: strategic planning, fund development, board development, and grant writing. We believe these capabilities are essential to a strong, thriving organization and we aim to provide them in a high-quality, but cost-sensitive way.

We believe consulting services should be accessible and transparent. 

We offer 30-minute complimentary consultations for all new client projects so we can get to know one another and assess if we're the right team for you. Our project costs are discounted based on organizational budget size and our basic service packages start at $2,500. There's a lot more to it, so to discuss packages, explore tailored services, or discuss longer-term support just ask

Strategic Planning

"The place is always here. The time is always now." This statement inspires our strategic planning work. No matter the size or resources of an organization, assessing where you are today, looking where you want to go, and crafting a plan to get there can be a challenge but it's one that we are eager to take on. The end result is a meaningful, feasible plan to bring an organization to the next level.

Sample deliverables:

  • Strategic planning design, preparation, retreat facilitation

  • Written strategic plan and detailed Excel-based workflow

  • Evaluation metrics for strategic plan measurement

Fund Development

Whether just launching a fundraising effort or looking to amplify a seasoned operation, we help organizations to build sustainable streams of revenue.  After gaining a better understanding of current operations, Brightspot guides clients on how to best invest their organizational resources to take their development work to the next level.

Sample deliverables:

  • Development operations and database audit to evaluate current systems and protocols

  • Creation of 6, 12, or 18-month annual development plans with detailed workflow

  • Implementation meetings to support the development plan

  • Planned giving, membership, or major donor programs

Board Development

We understand that nonprofit boards come in many shapes and sizes, some needing general support on board responsibilities and best practices, others needing specific, fine-tuning. We also recognize that a key to success for any organization is identifying, developing, and empowering the right people in the right roles. Brightspot is experienced in facilitating board trainings, delivering board orientations, crafting board handbooks, refining governance practices, conducting development coaching, and more. Your board members are your most dedicated volunteers - let's realize their full potential. 

Sample deliverables:

  • Board recruitment or orientation strategy

  • Board handbook

  • Board facilitation and training

  • Refreshed committee descriptions and work plans

Grant Writing & Management

"When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into writing." At Brightspot, we take great pride in crafting your organization’s story so that it balances technicality and heart.  To that end, Brightspot provides as-needed and on-going grant support and excels in refreshing, revamping, or building grant programs - all while minimizing the workload of the organization's paid staff. 

Sample deliverables:

  • Extensive prospect research

  • Comprehensive and easy-to-navigate grant calendars

  • Versatile grant templates

  • Tailored grant submissions and grant reports

  • Grant tracking support

  • Cultivation and stewardship plan for grantors

  • Staff training to support in-house grant training