This year, which was my first year as the new ED of a small nonprofit, we were able to double the amount of funding that we received from foundations, a feat which was largely due to Briana’s expert advice and grant calendar. She was a pleasure to work with every step of the way, and was a huge source of support on every level.
— Marsha Filion, Hospice Help Foundation
With Kelly’s specialty in board development we have been able to not only grow our board participation, but she also helped our organization refine our skills with “the ask” and bring more awareness to our organization in more strategic ways.
— Nicole McShane, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New Hampshire
Caitlin’s organizational and project management skills have increased the quality of our program and our communication with constituents. She takes the lead on outlining tasks to hit short-term and long-term goals and is proactive in anticipating challenges and opportunities. Our relationship in delivering this program is a true collaborative partnership. Because of her professionalism, adaptability, and efficacy, we are afforded the time to focus our energies on additional projects which we couldn’t otherwise achieve.
— Julianne Gadoury, NH State Council on the Arts
Kelly’s work redefines consultancies for me. There is advice, which consultants generally bring to the work. And then there’s Kelly: expert and researched advice, depth of experience and knowledge, and strategic in her thinking. She also possesses the quality that eludes most consultants: going beyond the advice to walk the client through actions based on the advice to provide working models of job descriptions, board manuals and other real tangibles. We can’t thank her enough.
— Peter DiMuro, Executive Artistic Director, The Dance Complex
Caitlin has a great handle on best practices, current philanthropic and economic trends, and has become a valuable resource and advisor. She seems to strike that almost impossible balance of grace and drive, and has helped our organization raise $1.8M towards our capital campaign. We would strongly recommend her for organizations looking to seriously take the ‘next step’.
— Kristen Lamb, Executive Director Center for Wildlife
Briana Carrigg is a highly organized, efficient, and inspiring grant writer. She grasps the essence of an organization and its mission then readily finds the words to write a compelling grant. Her positive outlook and the value she finds in her own work help keep clients motivated. I am so happy and honored that Briana has been able to keep us on her roster of clients.
— Christine Hounsell, Sole City Dance
Suffice it to say that our small non-profit arts organization would not be where it is today without the invaluable guidance and expertise of Briana Carrigg and Kelly Delekta. Briana’s well researched, adept and insightful grant writing has been a game-changer. She distills the essence of our programming with eloquence and backs it up with data. Kelly’s highly organized and experienced development skills have guided our Board and Director to enhance our fundraising abilities, and expand our communication and capacity. The Dance Hall is incredibly grateful to Brightspot!
— Drika Overton, The Dance Hall